Photographs from series “Landscape″ by Sandro Diener

via. Sandro Diener ,   Fubiz

Thanks Sandro Diener for your contribution!!

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  • Mikayla Springer

    Though landscapes are not my coups de meitre, I have seen so many and these three evoke something inside of my soul. The first makes me feel hopeless. Desolate. It’s almost as if someone has stolen my very breath and sucked the oxygen from the atmosphere, leaving me helpless and alone in a land of blue vision. The second is also evocative and makes me feel as if any person who was trekking across those rocks would never find their way out. The third reveals some hope to me. The pattern of the hedgerows reminds me that through the monotony of the normal there is life, and each plant is not the same as the next.

    Thank you for sharing.